Add Functionality

1. Steps in Airtable

Add a new checkbox field

1. Field name: 'Done'
2. Field type: Checkbox

Add a new View Filter

Where 'Done' is unchecked.

2. Steps in miniAppMaker

Go to ‘Tasks’

Add Checkbox block

Click on the plus sign and select Checkbox.

Checkbox block settings

Title could be whatever you like, but field name should exactly match Airtable 'Done'.

3. Test Your App

Restart App

Shake your iOS device then tap Restart App to refresh.

Check New Element

Tap on any record to confirm that the new element has been added successfully.

Toggle Checkbox

Next, go back to make sure that this record is gone.

Test Complete!

Record is gone according to our filter settings on Airtable!

4. Add Extra Features Optional

Complete Tasks Table Settings

You can add Subtitle, Thumbnail and Form.

Check Updated Table on App Tester

Shake and Restart to see changes.

Add more blocks to Tasks page

Here we added Image and Text.

Check Updated Page on App Tester

You should see the newly added Image and Text.

Check Form Page on App Tester

Tap the plus sign on the right corner in the home screen to access the form where users can create new records.

💡Next you can work on building User Profile pages, adding more Views and plenty other features.