Airtable Setup

Heads up! The entire process of making this app from start to finish should take only 30 minutes!

We’re going to build this..

a To-Do list app!

1. Prerequisites

1. Airtable account: create an account on or use an existing account.
2. iOS device.
3. Basic computer skills (i.e. how to copy and paste text)

2. Airtable Setup

Add a base

💡If you’re familiar with Airtable, copy our base example here, and then skip to the next tutorial!

Base Name

In this example, let’s name the base 'To-Do list'.

Table name

Rename it to 'Tasks'.

View name

Rename it to 'To-Do list'.

Add Tasks

Add some example tasks.

Add a 2nd table

This table would be used to store ‘Users’ data.