How to use Linked Records


Linked Records is a powerful feature in Airtable. The way it works in miniAppMaker is by showing a list of records that act as links to records in another table. This feature opens the door to endless possibilities and use cases.
Example: show a list of main categories that link to subcategories. Or show a list of assigned tasks under users profiles.

Linked Table

Select the table that you would like to link to. It has to be already added from the App Editor.
Example: show assigned tasks in user profile.

Field Name

This has a be a Linked Record field.
Example: Tasks

Primary field

This has a be a Lookup field of the linked record.
Example: Tasks Name Lookup

💡Primary field is needed as a Lookup because Linked records are basically just IDs of records, so a Lookup field is needed to show their text values.

Subtitle field (optional)

This is a lookup field for the gray text. Located below the titles.
Example: Tasks Notes Lookup

Image field (optional)

This is a lookup field for the thumbnails. Located left to the titles.
Example: Tasks Attachment Lookup

⚠️ If some linked records have multiple images in the Lookup field, then instead you’d need to use a Rollup field with aggregation function “ARRAYUNIQUE(values)”

How it looks

This is how Linked Records look to your app users.