Views Settings


You can find here more about Airtable Views.

⚠️ At least 1 view is required in order for the app to work.

View name

The name would be in the home screen navigation bar. It can be anything and doesn’t have to match the view name on Airtable.

View ID

Select a view and you’ll find its ID in the address bar starting with 'viw'.
Example: viwRxmGD1rJXQ4EVz

Add a View

You can add as many views as you like by clicking on the plus sign at bottom. Airtable views can be selected by the user in the app home screen.

💡 View Selector is disabled by default if the app only has 1 view.

Filtering & Sorting

Sorting and filtering of records is inherited from the source (Airtable view).

⚠️ Every view can only load the first 100 records. We don’t currently support pagination.