Design Elements


Airtable Fields

This feature shows a list of ‘predicted’ fields. If anything is missing, you can just type its name manually.
💡Only fields with at least 1 existing value will show up!


An option to display a text element in the app’s record view. Could be static or dynamic pulled from a table field. With some styling settings: size, color, alignment, etc.


Button title
It could be a fixed hard-coded text or a dynamic text pulled from an Airtable field.

Could be anything. e.g. web “http”, email “mailto”, call “tel”, WhatsApp, Instagram..etc.
Link to another record
Linking to another record adds the ID of currently viewed record to a designated field in the Users table under the current user.
Unlink from another record
The exact opposite of the action “Link to another record”.


An element to show a single image in the record view. With some size settings option. Tested formats: jpg and png.

Text edit

This should be used mostly for user profile page. It includes some type validation. e.g. number, email..etc.


Linked records

Linked records are clickable to navigate between records. They’re basically IDs of records. Looked up records are basically linked records in text format. Lookup field is needed to match with IDs and make them readable. Click here for How to use Linked Records.